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Read the latest, greatest news by and about Two Angry Moms and school food. If you have seen coverage of Two Angry Moms that we have missed let us know about it.

Amy Kalafa, School Lunch Revolutionary  Natural Foods Merchandiser Nov / Dec 2012

Mrs. Greensworld Interview with Amy Kalafa  October, 2012

The Buzz: School Lunch Revolution  Stonyfield Organic, September 2012

Food Sleuth Radio Interview hosted by Melinda Hemmelgarn June 16, 2012

Listen: KERA of North Texas interviews Amy Kalafa September, 2011

The Atlantic recommends Lunch Wars September, 2011

BlogHer review of Lunch Wars September, 2011

Lunch Wars an Essential Pick for Salt Lake’s City Week September, 2011

Watch: Amy Kalafa on News 8 Dallas September, 2011

Campaigning for better school Lunches Salt Lake Tribune, September, 2011

Watch: CNN’s Your Bottom Line interviews Amy Kalafa September, 2011

What’s in your Child’s School Lunch?  Article by Amy Kalafa, September, 2011

Watch: Lunch Wars on Maine’s News channel 6 September, 2011

Listen: David Sirota Interviews Amy Kalafa Colorado’s Progressive Talk Radio — September, 2011

Research roundup–soda and school food wishfit blog — September, 2011

Benefits of Fresh Cooking in Schools, and Food Safety The New York Times — August, 2011

Listen: Ronn Owens Interviews Amy Kalafa KGO NewsTalk, San Francisco — August, 2011

Watch: Lunch Wars Author Talks School Cafeteria Food NY1 — August, 2011

Back Story: Mom and Healthy Food Advocate Amy Kalafa Mercury News, San Francisco — August, 2011

Lunch Wars Author Amy Kalafa at Changing Hands on Monday Phoenix News-Times — August, 2011

Watch: School lunches topic of new book, Lunch Wars WWL-TV New Orleans — August, 2011

Angry Moms Declare War on School Lunches Take Part — August, 2011

The Food Fight Rages On East Bay Express, San Francisco — August, 2011

Listen: Interview with Amy Kalafa RadioWest, Salt Lake City — August, 2011

Listen: Interview with Amy Kalafa Wisconsin Public Radio — August, 2011

PsychCentral Review of Lunch Wars July, 2011

Kirkus Review of Lunch Wars July, 2011

Publisher’s Weekly Review of Lunch Wars July, 2011

Integrative Nutrition Grad is Winning the Lunch Wars Institute for Integrative Nutrition Blog — July, 2011

Your Health: School lunch debate is in session April, 2010

Improving the System: Angry Moms Unite, March, 2010

Fighting Mad About School Food October 2009

I just went to a screening of Two Angry Moms
January 2008

Two Angry Moms: Healthy School LunchesFox News – October 2009

LAUNCH: Taking a look at lunch
By Christina Hughes Babb – October 2009

Heritage Radio Network / Q-Report
Patrick Martins & Mark Marabella – August 2009

Edible Gardens in Schools Draws a Crowd
Westport Now / By Monique Bosch – March 2009

Amy Kalafa interviewed by Jenny McCarthy on – September 2008

Two Angry Moms on Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray – March 2008

Hot Mamas
Redbook – March 2008

Piratepods – February 2008

Foodies Unite
Local Stories by Local People – November 2007

Fed Up with School Lunches, Angry Mom Strikes Back
The Weston Forum – October 2007

Positive Discipline Radio speaks with filmmaker Amy Kalafa
NPR – October 2007

Good Food speaks with Amy Kalafa & Susan Rubin
KCRW – October 2007

Angry Moms are Demanding Big Changes in the School Cafeteria – September 2007

Amy and Susan on Fox News Live
Fox News Live – August 2007

Lunch Lady Land
Stigler News Sentinel – August 2007

Mothers Start a Food Fight
USA Today – August 2007

Amy and Susan Radio Interview with Erik Campano
WSTC/WNLK – May 2007

Dr. Susan Rubin on MSNBC – May 2007

Health Heroes: Two Angry Moms – May 2007

Film Gets Skinny on U.S. School Lunches 
The Sunday Hour – April 2007

Brand of the Week: Two Angry Moms
-April 2007

Helping Angry Moms Smile Again
–The Shepherdstown Observer – March 2007

Two Angry Moms – The Fight to Get Dead Foods Out of Schools
Seaway News, Canada – January 2007

Amy and Susan on National TV
Good Morning America – December 2006

Angry Moms Protest School Lunches
WOR, Phil Lempert – 2006

Anger is an Energy
The Westchester County Times – May 2006

School Road
Weston – October 2005


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